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Flat wood wheel for 356A, complete

These are FLAT! yes, flat as they should be. The package includes the wheel, hub, horn button, polished Stainless oval slotted screws and is fully assembled, ready to install. Thin grip like the correct period wheels in African Mahogany, CNC machined billet hub. Column fit is to EXACTLY the factory wheel dimensions including cancel ring fit. All parts are billet alloy and oven fired enamel, NO PLASTIC. 15" in diameter, slightly smaller than the frankly oversized original wheel. List is $895, i am offering a limited number to List members for $750 with FREE SHIPPING in the 48 States.
  New, original LL wood wheels, special deal

New production of the original design LL wheels in both the 356A and 356B/C models. Not a single moecule is recycled, used parts. I spent a small fortune on the tooling and machining, the stamping dies for the top ring, the tooling to correcly compress the two style rivets, the spline step broach, the bending tool for the armature [over 1,000 lbs of steel] etc. I now have the wheels in hand and have assembled the first few. These are the fully polished style, I will need a few more weeks for the engine turned style. I am still honoring the $1,000 price for List members. This is an even better deal than before because I have looked at all my costs and really have no choice but to raise the list price from $1295 to $1495. The wheels are absolutely gorgeous and spot on. Remember, these are not a knock off but a painstaking recreation of the original wheels including trademark protection of the name "LL" and the logo. Only these wheels are genuine LL wheels. The deluxe horn ring fits perfectly. The advance purchase wheels will carry a serial number starting 001 [already spoken for]. The later retail wheels will be un numbered. Call me through the website if you have any questions.

356A Derrington Steering Wheel

Porsche B/C 911 British Classic

PORSCHE 904, 356 B/C, Early 911

This wheel is a genuine Italian product made by one of the Nardi factories suppliers using the original materials and machinery, it is not a cheap reproduction. The hub is precision machined to fit all 356 B/C and early 9 series cars through 1973. The wheel DOES include the correct horn button pictured as well as the spring loaded horn contact, 100% complete ready to install and enjoy. Available in very limited numbers.

15 & 16 Inch Flat Derrington Wheel)

This beautiful wheel is a recreation of the original Derrington wheel from the 1950’s. These are handcrafted exclusively for Classico Wheels in Europe to the very highest standards and should not be compared to cheap imitations. The finish and detailing of the wood and armature place these wheels in a class by themselves. Our dedicated precision machined hub is of billet aircraft alloy and features fully threaded blind holes for a clean finished look, not cheap locknuts with nylon and a cast hub like some cheaper versions others offer. These wheels are at home in the very highest quality restorations.


Premium quality reproduction of the classic British style wheel that adorned many of the worlds most famous marques from the ‘50’s through the ‘70’s. Our quality is unequaled, we invite comparison!

Porsche 356A Flat Nardi Porsche Steering Wheel Mercedes-Benz-111-113-Steering-Wheel


400mm or 420mm Flat Nardi,
available with single or
double contact style horn button.


420mm VDM GT available in high gloss or hand rubbed tung oil walnut finish, a small number have been set aside for custom finishing/staining as the customer desires


Description and details coming soon.

MERCEDEZ-BENZ-300SL-GULLWING-Steering-Wheel NARDI-BENTLEY-Steering-Wheel Porsche Factory Reprodution Flat Nardi


Description and details coming soon.


Description and details coming soon.




This is the genuine factory reproduction Nardi wood wheel for the 356 A. Each wheel is individually numbered and comes with a felt wheel cover and certificate of authenticity. Our wheels differ from the ones others may offer in that they have been further refined and machined by Classico Wheels to be even closer to the original 1950’s production.


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