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We manufacture and distribute certain specialty parts for European sports cars, most notably the 356 Porsche.


Phosphor based SMD Headlights for 6V and 12V 356 Cars

Probably the most amazing product we have ever produced . These will absolutely change how and when you drive your car Made exclusively by us and not available elsewhere. Providing both low and high beam, they produce twice the light of an H4 in a brilliant white light. These are NOT conventional LED's but Phosphor based SMD using the very latest technology. We have been working on these for some time. They were introduced last year but we had to make some changes because the voltage at the pigtails on most of your cars is closer to 5 volts than the 7volts that is produced at the generator. These are completely new production, using nothing from the original version. They have a working range of 5V to 14V so will work in either 6V or 12V cars. They are literally twice as bright as conventional headlights, are not sensitive to changes in voltage as RPM increases and decreases and as an extra bonus, draw one fifth the current of a regular bulb or H4 halogen lamp.. They produce no heat, operate at room temperature and have a working life of 24,000 hours. We include the high quality reflectors as shown and now supply with a factory style plug so they simply "plug and play". Literally as simple as changing a lamp. No relays needed. saves your charging system, relays, switches from premature failure due to the high current draw of conventional lighting. They are so bright it is not possible to look directly at them even in broad daylight. They draw so little you can run during the day as a safety feature. I want every car owner to at least try them so I am offering a free 30 day trial. If they are not everything I say they are, just return, no questions asked [ not one return so far FYI ] Feel free to call me directly at 941 321 9389, if you have any questions.

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Bosch BR18 And 022 Distributors, new reproduction. In stock for immediate delivery.

These are new production of the BR18 distributor for the 356 Porsche A and B models and early C cars. Later C's and 912's should use the 022 models. It has been extensively tested both on the road and on three independent distributor testing machines. The results have been outstanding. the advance curve, total advance, dwell variation etc. are all within factory specifications. The cosmetics are exceptional as well. External hardware is German DIN. The cap is the original brown Bakelite color and the wire leading to the coil is the correct coiled green with a black insulator eyelet. These are finished units complete with correct oval tag, points, condensor, cap and rotor, ready to install. Full refund if you are unhappy with the distributor for any reason whatsoever.

Rebuilt Bosch 6 Volt starter, best quality, free shipping

These are the very highest quality 6V starters for the Porsche 356 I have ever used. The ones rebuilt by Bosch are complete rubbish and we replaced at least one in three within a year. I have NEVER had a failure with these even after several years. I have sold hundreds and installed a similar number in our shop. These are the so called “VW” style but will fit in all 356 models. I am selling with no core charge at all and offering FREE shipping in the 48 States. These exceed the original in all regards and use absolutely new components throughout, actually higher quality than an NOS factory unit. We are clearing out our stock and when they are gone that is it, party over. At this price, even if your starter is working, with the zero core charge you can just buy one and stick it under the bench until you need it. There is a very good chance that when that day comes, these will be unavailable for any money.

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Porsche 356 6V Bosch Horn
Porsche 356 Bosch 6V Horns
We have Porsche Bosch 6V Horns in Stock
ready for shipment to you.

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New reproduction Porsche 356 6 volt Horns

[these will also work on 12V]

The horns are assembled here in the United States from a combination of imported and American components. The horns are so correct that individual pieces of the original horns will actually interchange. We made 200 sets only, 60 are gone. They have perfect data badges and are correctly sold as a pair of low and high tone. This is one of the nicest parts we have ever produced and we are damn proud of them. They look and sound exactly as the originals. We will also now be including a new pair of the special thin cross section 10mm nuts that mount the horns to the original brackets. The horns are made to the very highest quality possible and the finish is oven baked enamel inside and out. A rag soaked in lacquer thinner may be rubbed vigorously on the finish and will remain free of any trace of the finish. A few people asked about the screws around the primeter. The original horns had black round head slotted screws like I have used, this head design is not available today. I had these made. Neither is the smaller bright finish screws that retain the data plate, the originals were chrome plated brass which did not hold up very well. We also had these made for us in 404 stainless here in the US. This was VERY expensive. We hope the 356Talk List pundits will back me up on this. You have no idea what a royal pain it was to come up with the correct screws for both the outer rim and the center tags. The stampings are exactly as the original, you can mount the original wire terminal block from your original horns though I can't imagine who would want to. The horns are supplied with new spade terminals and a pair of rubber boots that make the wiring absolutely weather proof. A virtual give away at $325 for the pair. 

Hoffman - Porsche Letter Opener
Hoffman - Porsche Car Corporation
Letter Opener - Click image to Enlarge


29mm Trued and polished venturis

Collapsible Bucket and Chamois
Customize with your Logo

Collapsible Bucket and Chamois
Customize with your Logo

Collapsible Bucket and Chamois
Customize with your Logo

speedster side curtain ferrules CLICK TO ENLARGE

Speedster side curtain ferrules

These ferrules have been unavailable for decades. They have beenfaithfully reproduced exactly as the originals dimensionally but of a much higher quality and finish. The originals were a very thin brass tubing and the lips were formed by spinning and were therefore hollow in cross section and very easily dimpled by the side curtain posts. By virtue of modern CNC machinery we were able to reproduce the part exactly from solid brass stock, a much more expensive operation but one that produces a markedly superior final product. The machined parts have been triple plated by a medical/aerospace industrial plater and possess a level of finish not generally found from job lot platers. These have been produced in a very limited quantity and when they are gone will not be reproduced. $150/set of four

Available in very limited quantities, when they are gone that is it.

Nurburgring Emblem/Badge
Nurburgring Badge/Emblem
Click image for Hi-Rez

Nurburgring Badge/Emblem
Nurburgring Badge/Emblem
Back Side, Click image for Hi-Rez


Nurburgring Emblem/Badge
Nurburgring Badge/Emblem
Side View, Click image for Hi-Rez

Nurburgring Emblem/Badge
Nurburgring Badge/Emblem
Angled Back View, Click image for Hi-Rez

Nurburgring Badge

This is the only accurate reproduction of the famous Nurburgring badge available, we saw these at the German classic car show at Essen and brought some into the country. Do not be confused with other cheap, poor quality copies being offered elsewhere. There are several giveaway details that denote the cheap imitations.
  1. the lighter color is bone white, the originals were ivory like ours.
  2. the enamel is very pebbly, not perfectly smooth like the original and ours.
  3. the rays of the sun are very faint and not straight, the originals are strong and clear, like ours
  4. the finish of the metal and the quality of the chrome plating is very poor compared to the original and ours.
  5. the word text is very faint and weak, pay particular attention to the sections “BURG” and “RING”, look at the cross bar of the “N” not clear and strong like the original and ours.
  6. the surface on the back is incorrect in look and texture, ours is absolutely as the original.
  7. the physical size is slightly smaller than the originals and the thickness of the metal is less. Ours are as the original.
Our badge comes with the correct German round head slotted 4mm screws in stainless and an aluminum cross bar so corrosion is a non issue. This is a top quality product whose beauty will endure for years.
60-85 Euros [$90-$125] is the normal price in Germany, we are able to offer here for a limited time at $75 with only $5 shipping by Priority Mail in the US. The models you see elsewhere for $50 are the less expensive copies. We suggest that you purchase both and compare, we will happily take ours back AND pay the postage if you elect to keep the other one! As my father used to say “you get what you pay for – on a good day”

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